Aviation Micro Filter & Coalescer Separator

Aviation Micro Filter & Coalescer Seperator Vessels

ERGIL Micro Filter Water Seperator's designed and manufactured to filter and seperate the water from Jet, A1, A and other stored products. 

ERGIL's Micro Filter Water Seperator's compact design and high efficient internals perform longer than most of the competitor products. Thanks to its special design of cartridge filters. 

ERGIL provides various design solutions; such as ASME, AD-2000, GOST-R also ASME U Stamp for such products. 

Standard Design

ASME, AD-2000, GOST-R stamp and certification in design and manufacture
Carbon steel fabrication; other durable materials available on client's request 
Rod or screw base coalescer with CARTRIDGE MOUNTED style
Permanently marked inlet, outlet and drain connections.
Buna-N O-Ring Closure seal system against the extreme pressure (
Sloping CARTRIDGE PLATE system to drain connection
Connections are provided for the following options: Automatic air elimator, Differential pressure gauge, Pressure relief valve, Pilot control valve, Electrical water level alarm, liquid level gauge, Water drain valves, etc.


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