Thermal Fluid Heater

Thermal Fluid Heater



Thermal Fluid Heater

ERGIL thermal fluid heaters are designed and manufactured to satisfy our customers’ exact needs.
Boilers are used to obtain heat with the help of fuel and different gaseous. After that, heated fluid is circulated in the system to provide energy and that energy might be used for different purposes. That is a useful system that requires low maintenance and high efficiency. With our 40 years expertise in mechanical equipment and with our experienced engineering team, we are able to handle the most challanging problems according to different needs and projects.

Applications of a thermal fluid system

• Reactors
• Warm asphalt / bitumen
• Storage tanks / port terminals
• Paintings
• Adhesives and glues
• Plastic and rubber
• Chemistry industry
• Oils and fats
• Drying processes
• Mining
• Exchangers
• Solar Energy
• Evaporators

Thermal Fluid HeaterThermal Fluid Heater
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