Floating Suction Units & Others

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Floating Suction Units


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Floating Suction Units & Others

Storagetech™ provides the high quality and reliable solution for your need.

Floating Suction Units are the most ideal approach for taking out contaminated product from storage tanks. As the bottom section of the storage tank is contaminated from sludge or rainwater it is necessary that when withdrawing a product from storage tanks the quality of the product is maintained. Floating Suction Pipe delivers cleaner product by absorbing the fluid closest to the surface. This application is highly used in air craft, motor fuelling, heating oils and petrochemicals.

ERGIL Storagetech™ provides unique and economical solutions including single and double joint suction pipes for each kind of applications. These Floating Suction Pipes can be fitted in conventional fixed roof storage tanks, external floating roof tanks and internal floating roof tanks.

Floating Suction Units
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What is Floating Suction Units & Others?

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Retention of drops originated by the liquid distribution system is to be carried out within the tower by means of a high-efficiency low-pressure-drop vertical-flow demister that prevents the carryover and emission of drops to the atmosphere, as well as any loss of washing solution. StorageTech is a global manufacturer of Low-Pressure-Drop Air & Gas Absorber which especially structured with new innovation for all storage tanks that may interact with various gases, which some of them are seriously harmful. It is important for industries such like, utility systems, power generation, semiconductors and pharmaceuticals having strict legal requirements. Alongside with its high engineering capacity, StorageTech is capable to provide required absorption systems and to satisfy mentioned industry needs.

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StorageTech Floating Suction Unit System provides a precise and safe system with a complete solution for the end-user. It gives an opportunity to its end-users with easy installation and assembling and full documentation as well as an arrangement and drawings which indicate the FSU placed in the tank with regards to all internals.

With its expertise and advanced engineering skills StorageTech provides many advantages for its Floating Suction Units System.