Air & Gas Absorbers / Scrubbers

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Air & Gas Absorbers Scrubbers


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Air & Gas Absorbers / Scrubbers

Storagetech™ provides the high quality and reliable solution for your need.

Storagetech™ Gas Scrubber & Absorbers are mounted on the breather valve of the tank. It very well may be gathered either on the top of the tank or on the ground. The gas filtration effectiveness up to 100% empowers a high caliber of demineralized water.

MMHasso™ Filter for Demineralized Water Tank Vents is to be introduced at the breathing vent to avert gas entrance in to the DM water stockpiling tank. The aim is to maintain full removal of the gases from the outer sources.

Air & Gas Absorber Scrubber

Air & Gas Absorbers / Scrubbers Models

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Keep your emissions under control!

 Filtration Efficiency up to 98%

Storagetech offers a special filtration products according to your system requirements. The odour absorption filters is specially designed and manufactured depend on the stored medium, ambient condition, working pressure & temperature as well as the equipment size.

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What is Air & Gas Absorbers / Scrubbers?

Air & Gas Absorbers / Scrubbers 27Liquids stored interact with some gases by their nature and trap these gas content as well as dust and particles. These dust and particles may cause various dangerous situations or decrease in performance. As a result of the combination of pressure, temperature, chemical and physical interactions are resulted in performance losses, deformations and irreversible damages in process system. In order to prevent these undesired results, it is necessary to prevent harmful gases, dust and particles should be kept away from the liquid. This is why it is important to protect especially degassed, pure and cleaned liquids to protect from these contaminants with the help of air & gas absorbers. These harmful gases and particles must be captured. A gas scrubber is a cleaning installation whose main function is to neutralize harmful components in industrial air or waste gas streams, for example to prevent fumes that have an irritating effect or cause odor nuisance. When industrial scrubbers were first designed they were meant to remove carbon dioxide from the air of submarines. However, nowadays they are found in a wide array of industrial and commercial settings.

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Retention of drops originated by the liquid distribution system is to be carried out within the tower by means of a high-efficiency low-pressure-drop vertical-flow demister that prevents the carryover and emission of drops to the atmosphere, as well as any loss of washing solution. StorageTech is a global manufacturer of Low-Pressure-Drop Air & Gas Absorber which especially structured with new innovation for all storage tanks that may interact with various gases, which some of them are seriously harmful. It is important for industries such like, utility systems, power generation, semiconductors and pharmaceuticals having strict legal requirements. Alongside with its high engineering capacity, StorageTech is capable to provide required absorption systems and to satisfy mentioned industry needs.