Crude Oil Topping Units

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Crude Oil Topping Units

ERGIL is specialized in designing, engineering, fabricating, installing, and commissioning crude oil topping units near the source of any production field. ERGIL provides quick, economical, and pre-engineered atmospheric crude fractionation modules to minimize installation and commissioning time. These mini modular oil refineries are provided on a turn-key basis or as required by customers’ components.

Process design intensive packages are carefully designed as per client and local crude oil specifications. ERGIL is also experienced in crude distillation, vacuum distillation, and naphtha distillation units, process towers, and columns.

When existing atmospheric column condensers, drums, and overhead pumps are major limits to raising throughput or preventing the processing of lighter crude oils, installing a column and condensing system can be more cost-effective than modifying an existing atmospheric column overhead system. This work can be completed before the turnaround to reduce downtime. Drums or columns are a portion of the crude and water between the desalter and crude charge heater. The amount of hydrocarbon vapourised depends on the temperature and pressure in the drum or column. A two-phase feed is created when the operating pressure is reduced upstream of the drum or column. Our expertise includes but is not limited to stripping columns, distillation columns ( vacuum columns ), fractionating / fraction columns, and debutanizer columns.

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