Aviation Micro Filter

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Aviation Micro Filter

ERGIL ERG.MF.V Series ( Vertical) Micro Filter Water Separators are designed and manufactured to filter and separate the water from Jet, A1, A, and other stored products. Thanks to its special design of cartridge filters, compact design, and highly efficient internals the Micro Filter Water Separator performs longer than most of the competitor products. Vertical vessel takes less ground space as opposed to horizontal design and is often a better solution for indoor applications. ERG.MF.V is a fixed design that is supplied with pressure vessel support legs or skirting. It can be also equipped with ladders and platforms depending on the size and location.

ERG.MF.V filter/separator vessel can be manufactured carbon steel, stainless steel and duplex as per the application and customer requirement. Interior and exterior of the carbon steel body is painted as a standard with epoxy and prime coated unless it is required otherwise. Vessel bodies are welded automatically and supervised by qualified welders. WPS and PQR comes as a standard and we are capable of catering to your high pressure requirements. 

Each vessel comes with swing bolt head closures or with ERGIL RX quick opening closures. ERGIL RX quick opening closures are designed and manufactured in house. It provides easy and quick access for maintenance and repair. It works under high pressure safely even in the most harsh conditions. Vessels are also designed with manhole cover for special conditions. We also provide carthage easy handling systems ( jib crane and trolley) for large filter/separators for quick maintenance and high operational safety.

Pressure Vessel Design Specification:

  • Design as per EI 1581 6th Edition, Category C, Type S
  • Specification as per ASME, EN AD-2000 or GOST 
  • Certification: ASME U Stamp, NBR, TUV, CE, and GOST
  • Carbon steel fabrication; other durable materials available on client’s request
  • Rod or screw base coalescer with CARTRIDGE MOUNTED style
  • Permanently marked inlet, outlet, and drain connections
  • Buna-N O-Ring Closure seal system against the extreme pressure
  • Sloping CARTRIDGE PLATE system to drain connection

Connections are provided for the following options: Automatic air eliminator, differential pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, pilot control valve, electrical water level alarm, liquid level gauge, Water drain valves, etc.

Seperator & Filter Vessels Models