End of line, weight loaded

End of line, weight loaded 18

End of line, weight loaded

Model No: 190

Storagetech™’s Model 190 Vacuum Relief Valve ensures that the pressure in the bulk storage tank does not fall below the safe operating range needed to prevent implosion damage. It is fitted on a tank roof flange or pipe that connects to the vapour space of a storage tank.

In the closed position the weight-loaded pallet and diaphragm assembly is held tightly against a seal to prevent the loss of vapour to atmosphere. As the internal pressure in the tank reduces, due to emptying, the balance between the tank pressure and the external atmospheric pressure changes, and when the set pressure of the unit is reached, the diaphragm will open to admit air and rebalance the internal pressure. The opening set-point is selectable from a range between +2.0 mbar and +60 mbar. (+0.8 inch W.C and +24 inch W.C).

The vent will close when the tank returns to a positive pressure. A mesh filter screen over the air inlet port prevents the ingress of atmosphere-borne debris.

Pressure Vacuum Valve production certificates

Setting Range

Vacuum: Weight-loaded +2.0 mbar and +60 mbar. (+0.8 inch W.C and +24 inch W.C)
Ambient temp: -20°C to +60°C


Standard sizes: 2” to 12” 50 to 300mm
Flanges: API Class 150 RF, DIN PN16
Body: Carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminium
Seals: Nitrile, Teflon, and Klingrit
Pallet: Stainless steel AISI 304
Weights: Stainless steel
Paint finish: Powder Coating, Colour RAL 9006, Epoxy Paint, Colour RAL 9006, Customer Specification
ATEX cert: Ex II 1/2 G c IIB

Design & Manufacturing Specifications

The integrity of the seal is tested for leakage in accordance with API Standard 2521 – Use of Pressure-Vacuum Vent Valves for Atmospheric Loss.

The size of the vent should be calculated in accordance with API Standard 2000 (ISO 28300) – Venting Atmospheric and Low-Pressure Storage Tanks or other international standards.

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