Pontoon Type Internal Floating Roof

ERGIL StorageTech™ is a major supplier of pontoon type internal floating roofs, which fully comply with API 650 standards. Pontoon type floating roofs are the most economical type of floating roofs in the market. ERGIL StorageTech™ internal floating roofs, which minimize the evaporation losses of stored products, such as jet fuels, gasoline, diesel, and crude oil, can be supplied as aluminum or stainless steel. Beside, ERGIL StorageTech™ floating roof’s economic benefits, they also protect the environment by not releasing toxic gasses to the atmosphere. ERGIL StorageTech™ comes with in-house manufactured floating roof seals.

Briefly, the 2000m hair profile provides a float in the float by placing a float below the sheet to cover the surface of the product inside the tank.

  • Economic and less material needed, it is easy to use and it is very easy to install with the materials provided.
  • Since it is a Pontoon, the risk is less when testing and manufacturing are done properly.
  • The most prolonged IFR type when regular maintenance is done  


  • The space between the tank and the product may create pressurized gas, however ERGIL has found a solution by using aluminum material to prevent this risky situation. It has not posed a serious risk to the tank until this time but if the customer demands more guaranteed safety and less emission loss ERGIL recommends Full Contact Type IFR

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