Newsletter 18

Storagetech is proud to offer a comprehensive range of storage tank solutions for a variety of industries. One such solution is our dome roof, which is designed to offer superior protection and durability for your storage tanks.

Newsletter 19

Another Successful Completion; Distilled Nitrile & Crude Nitrile Vessel

Ergil is proud to announce the successful completion of our Distilled Nitrile & Crude Nitrile Vessel project for a customer. This vessel has a diameter of Ø3200 mm, a height of 17 meters, and an erected weight of 45 tons. Designed to operate at a pressure of 4 bar and full vacuum, and at a temperature of 320 degrees Celsius, this vessel is suitable for the handling of corrosive chemicals.

Newsletter 20

The vessel, features an internal coil system, a robust fluid classification and designed to comply with the design code of EN 13445 and CE Marking. This vessel was part of another comprehensive projects that ERGIL has undertaken and demonstrates our ability to provide complete solutions to our clients.

As a leading provider of custom-made process equipment , ERGIL is dedicated to providing high-quality complete solution provider to our clients. Our in-house engineering team is experienced in designing, manufacturing, and installing equipment to meet our client’s specific requirements. We would like to thank our customer for giving us the opportunity to work on this project and we look forward to working with them on future projects.

Newsletter 21

Ergil Supplied 3 Bladder Type Surge Vessels to Africa

We showcase our recent project with a Chinese contractor in Africa, where we supplied 3 bladder type surge vessels for their potable water service. The surge vessels, made of carbon steel, have a total capacity of 14 m3 and were installed.

Our team at Ergil is proud to have been a part of this project, which will help provide clean and safe drinking water to the people of Africa. We take pride in our commitment to delivering high-quality and reliable products to our customers, no matter where they are in the world.

Newsletter 22

Stay tuned for more updates on our latest projects and innovations in the field of pressure vessel and tank manufacturing.

Sectoral News

Equinor makes new oil and gas discovery in North Sea off Norway

Equinor Energy, a state-owned Norwegian energy company, has made a new oil and gas discovery in the North Sea off Norway. This marks the third and fourth exploration wells in production license 923, which was awarded in 2017. Equinor owns a 40% stake in the license, while DNO Norge, Petoro, and Wellesley Petroleum each hold a 20% stake.
The wells, located 10 kilometers northwest of the Troll field in the North Sea, were drilled using Transocean’s Transocean Spitsbergen semi-submersible rig. The discovery is estimated to be between 2.7 and 7.4 million Sm3 of recoverable oil equivalent. The licensees intend to consider tying the discovery into existing infrastructure in the Troll area. The wells have been permanently plugged and abandoned, according to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. The Transocean Spitsbergen rig will now drill a wildcat well 34/6-6 S in production license 554 in the northern North Sea.

Shell Acquires Europe’s Largest Renewable Natural Gas Producer to Accelerate Energy Transition

Shell Petroleum NV, a subsidiary of Shell, has acquired Nature Energy Biogas A/S, the largest producer of renewable natural gas (RNG) in Europe. The purchase includes all of Nature Energy’s operating plants, feedstock supply and infrastructure, as well as its in-house expertise in RNG plant technology. Nature Energy has 14 operating plants and a pipeline of around 30 new plant projects in Europe and North America.

This acquisition supports Shell’s goal to build a global integrated RNG value chain and expand its low-carbon offerings to customers across multiple sectors. RNG, also known as biomethane, is chemically identical to conventional natural gas and can be used in existing transmission and distribution infrastructure, making it a competitive option to decarbonize multiple sectors. The acquisition aligns with Shell’s Powering Progress strategy to accelerate its energy transition and is expected to be profitable for the company. Nature Energy will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell, initially under its existing brand.

Oil and gas exploration sector sees best year in over a decade, creating $33bn in value

According to the report, the success of the exploration sector in 2022 was due to strategic selection and focus on the best and largest prospects, resulting in an average discovery size of over 150 million BOE, more than double the average of the previous decade. Deepwater discoveries in Namibia, pre-salt exploration areas offshore Guyana and Brazil, and onshore discoveries in the Algerian desert contributed the highest value to last year’s new finds.



Newsletter 23

We are thrilled to announce that Äager GmbH, a leading manufacturer and engineering company of environmental process, emission, and air pollution control equipment, will be participating in EGYPS – EGYPT Petroleum Show 2023 from February 13-15. Located in the German Pavilion at stand number 3J29, Äager will have the opportunity to connect with industry professionals and showcase its commitment to providing innovative solutions in the oil and gas sector.

This year, EGYPS will take place at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in Cairo and is expected to attract over 32,000 attendees from local and international businesses. As a leading provider of high-quality products for the industry, Äager is excited to participate in this important event and share its experience and expertise with attendees.

With 4 international branch offices and a presence in over 150 countries, Äager is dedicated to providing better, safer, and more economical products through its brands ERGIL and Storagetech. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, the company offers a wide range of products and services, including pipeline pigging systems, storage tank equipment, and much more.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to meet with the Äager team and learn more about the company’s innovative solutions. We look forward to seeing you at EGYPS 2023!

Newsletter 24

Ergil’s Major Milestone for Sakarya Gas Field Development Project

Istanbul, January 1, 2023 – ERGIL leading process and static equipment manufacture successfully completed and shipped Sand Treatment Package to Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) for Sakarya Gas Field Development Project (SGFD) at Black Sea, Turkey.

This package provides uninterrupted cleaning of sand build-up from oil and gas lines. Delivering the project as turnkey solution equipment is another important point of the project. “ Sand accumulation is a major problem for oil and gas pipelines. In order not to interrupt the line, various solutions have been tried to be developed against this situation. However, the line must not be interrupted during the cleaning of the accumulated sand. Any interruption on the line can cause huge time and cost losses”, says Tunc Tureli, Engineering Manager at ERGIL.
Sand filter package consists of filter vessel, piping, control panel, instruments, valves cabling and steel structure. CE approved modular structure is manufactured at ERGIL’s fabrication facility in Mersin, Turkey and shipped to the Sakarya Project Site directly. “This is another major milestone for our company. We are proud to support Turkish oil and gas industry and reduce its dependence on imports”, says Riza Altunergil, V.P. Sales & Marketing. He also adds, “ There are so many advantages of modular process systems as compare to manufacturing on site. Besides having better quality, It significantly reduces the manufacturing, testing and commissioning time. Manufacturing and installation at site is usually slower and requires high health & safety, however manufacturing at factory is easier to control and avoids any accidents. Filter vessel is designed as per ASME Sec. VIII Div.1 and certified according to both PED (2014/68/EU)and ATEX. System vessel is installed with heat tracing and insulated with aluminum cladding in order to avoid freezing or temperature fluctuation.

ERGIL, an Aager brand, is proud to announce the invention of a new and innovative Quick Opening Closure (QOC). The new style of QOC is constructed in accordance with strict international standards, offering a range of options for manufacturing with carbon steel, stainless steel, and other materials based on the specific needs of our customers. The QOC is suitable for use in a variety of industries, including oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical, wastewater treatment, and marine, for all types of pressure vessels.

The quick opening closure makes use of pressure-loaded components and complies fully with ASME Sec. VIII Div.1 UG-35.2. Our design-by-Analysis approach, in accordance with ASME Sec. VIII Div.1 U-2(g)(1)(-a) and Mandatory Appendix 46, evaluates the following failure modes: (a) Protection Against Plastic Collapse, (b) Protection Against Local Failure, (c) Protection Against Buckling, and (d) Protection Against Failure From Cyclic Loading.

Additionally, ASME Sec. VIII Div.1 UG-99 is used to compute the hydrostatic test pressure, taking into consideration any differences in piping standards (ASME B31.4/8, etc.). Trust ERGIL to provide you with a safe, reliable, and easy-to-use Quick Opening Closure for all your pressure vessel needs.

Newsletter 25

OMV, a leading international oil and gas company, chose ERGIL, an Aager brand, for a customized pig launcher and receiver system. With its modular design and high-quality materials, ERGIL’s 40 years of experience in pipeline pigging systems made them the ideal partner for this project.

ERGIL delivered the project with ease, including 6-8” pig receiver and launcher, 12-16” pig receiver and launcher, and two pig trolleys with 12-16” dimensions that were easy to transport and install. The products also received an added layer of protection with a specially developed paint.

Thanks to ERGIL’s reliable products and the support of the Äager team, the project was a resounding success and took just ten weeks to complete after technical confirmation. OMV was highly impressed with the results and looks forward to future collaborations with Äager.

Sectoral News

Global Crude Supply Concerns Raised by Aramco CEO

Amin Nasser, CEO of Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil company, has expressed concerns over the future availability of global crude supplies. Despite current market dynamics such as China’s slowdown and the recovering aviation sector keeping demand low, Nasser fears the world will not have enough spare capacity to handle the expected rise in demand. The International Energy Agency predicts that global oil demand will increase by 1.9 million barrels per day in 2023, while supply growth is expected to slow to 1 million barrels per day in the same period. Nasser emphasized the need for investment in hydrocarbon production to meet future demand and avoid a supply squeeze.

Uganda begins drilling in Kingfisher oil field

Uganda has started drilling operations in its Kingfisher oil field, operated by Chinese oil company CNOOC. The field holds an estimated 1.4 billion barrels of oil and the country aims to start production by 2025. The ministry of energy and mines representative, Solomon Muyita, confirmed plans to build the world’s longest heated oil pipeline to connect the field to the Indian Ocean port of Tanga in Tanzania. However, the plans have faced criticism from environmental activists who claim that the pipeline will harm the country’s ecosystem and displace residents.

Eni to Invest $8 Billion in Libya Natural Gas Fields

Eni SpA is set to move forward with a potential investment of $8 billion in two offshore natural gas fields in Libya. The deal will be signed with the Libyan National Oil Corp. this weekend and the fields are expected to be able to produce 850 Mmcfgd. This investment marks a step by Italy to reduce its dependence on Russian supplies and increase its investment in African energy. Libya, with Africa’s largest oil and gas reserves, has the potential to become a major energy supplier to Europe.



Newsletter 26

Welcome, 2023!

The new year has just begun! We hope that you had a nice beginning with all your loved ones. Now it’s time to look forward and check the “to-do” lists once more. 

We wish all of our partners and customers a smooth beginning and a successful new year!

Newsletter 27

We are Happy to be a Part of the German Emirati Joint Council for Industry & Commerce (AHK)!

The German Emirati Joint Council for Industry & Commerce (AHK) was founded in May 2009 and inaugurated by the German Federal Minister of Economy and Technology. We are happy to share with you that Äager GmbH is a part of it now. 

The AHK is the first bilateral federal business organization as well as the first international institution on the federal level which has been founded in the Gulf.

Newsletter 28

Storagetech’s New Website is Online!

We are thrilled to announce that our web page has been renewed and redesigned!

At Äager, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible user experience, and our new web page is a reflection of this commitment. The new page is sleek, modern, and easy to navigate, making it easier than ever to learn about our products and services and get in touch with our team.

We hope you enjoy exploring our new web page, and we welcome your feedback!

Newsletter 29

We Will Participating in PRC Europe 2023!

PRC (Petrochemical & Refining Congress) Europe 2023 is an annual B2B congress that will be held in 2023 for the 7th time. The Congress is gathering more than 350 industry leaders from the oil and gas sector. 

We as Äager Gmbh will be exhibiting this year at the congress which will take place in Vösendorf, Austria between 22-24 May. We look forward to meeting all of our sector participants there!

Air & Gas Absorbers Scrubbers

Storagetech Completes a CO2 Absorber Project for Socar Turkey

The team at Storagetech, an Äager brand, worked closely with SOCAR to understand their specific requirements and deliver a solution that met their needs. The result was a highly effective CO2 Absorber that maintains the pH and low conductivity of demineralized water, preventing CO2 from being absorbed into the process water and protecting against corrosion, blockages, and other issues.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with SOCAR on this important project, and we are proud to have delivered a solution that exceeded their expectations. To learn more about the project please click here.

Newsletter 30

ERGIL Completes A Skid Pig Launcher & Receiver System for Tricom Controls

ERGIL as an Äager brand completes successfully involving the design and manufacture of pig launcher and receiver systems for one of our valued clients.

The pig launcher and receiver systems that we designed and manufactured were not only highly functional and reliable but also met all relevant industry standards and regulations. Our client was extremely satisfied with the outcome, and we were honored to have the opportunity to support them in this important project. Please click for our short reportage about the project here

Newsletter 31

Let’s Take Together a Look at Our Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Process

We as Äager GmbH, take pride in the quality and precision of our products. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities allow us to produce pressure vessels that are safe, reliable, and built to last.

In our video, you’ll see our team in action, from the initial design and engineering stages all the way through to final testing and inspection.

It’s a fascinating look at the care and attention that goes into every pressure vessel we produce! Check the video from here and let us know what you think!

Sectoral News

NDPHC Announces that they plan 100,000 Solar Home Units

Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC) announce that they plan to develop 100,000 solar home units across Nigeria. The project aims to ensure that every Nigerian has access to electricity.

Amazon Announce New Global Renewable Energy Projects

Amazon is expanding its renewable energy portfolio globally, with an additional 2.7 gigawatts (GW) of clean energy capacity. This project is across 71 new renewable energy projects. The project includes the company’s first renewable energy project in South America — a solar farm in Brazil — and its first solar farms in India and Poland.

UFOP Saved 11.1 Million Tonnes of CO2

The UFOP (Union for the Promotion of Oil and Protein Plants) notes that sustainably certified biofuels can not only make a measurable contribution to climate protection in transport, but must do so because of the still small contribution of e-mobility.

Global Deepwater Will Increase 60%

Global deepwater production will increase 60 percent by 2030, reaching 17 million barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/d), according to a new report from Wood Mackenzie. The Global deepwater 2022 state of the industry report highlights the sector’s expansion from 6 percent of upstream oil and gas supply today to 8 percent by the end of the decade.



Newsletter 32

Happy New Year!

The best time of the year arrived. The new year accessories and lights are shining all over the world…

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our partners and customers a happy, healthy, and good new year and Christmas time!

Newsletter 33

New Year, New Fairs

We are happy to announce that we will participate in the EGYPS – EGYPT Petroleum Show between 13-15 February 2023. The fair will be held at Egypt International Exhibition Center, Cairo with the aim of uniting the international oil, gas, and energy community. 

The fair will span over 35,000 sqm of floor space with more than 500 exhibitors, including 28 National and International Oil, Energy, and service companies and 15 international country pavilions.

Äager GmbH is in the German Pavilion with stand number 3J29. Let’s see you there!

Newsletter 34

Storagetech Introduce a New Product!

Storagetech, as an Äager brand, introduces the new lightweight end-of-line deflagration flame arrestors which are designed for installation at the end of a pipeline or on an atmospheric vent from vessels where flammable gases or vapours may be present.

The benefits of Storagetech’s new product are that they enable easy fitting due to its lightweight. The connection points of it are designed for both: male and female. It is weatherproofed and enables also cost-effectiveness for customers although by providing all these features. Please click for more information here!

Newsletter 35

Thank You, Aramco!

Äager GmbH was a part of the 1st Distribution Technical Exchange Meeting in Jeddah which was organized by Aramco Western Region Distribution Department. 

It was amazing to meet all the participants there. We got the chance to explain the technical advantages of our storage tank equipment such as; internal floating roofs, dome roofs, mechanical seals, flame arrestors, pressure vacuum valves, storage tank vent filters, and talk about new industry trends.

Please visit our Youtube channel for more details here!

Newsletter 36

It Was Nice To Meet Again!

We were in Mexico currently.

Having delivered more than 500 storage tank equipment this year to Mexico, we are well positioned to be one of the major oil & gas equipment supplier. We are happy to meet and listen our customers’ challenges.

Please get in touch with our partner COPIFE for your emission control and air pollution challenges.

Newsletter 37

Become a Partner of Äager GmbH

We’re happy to announce that our resumption of the agency process started. We as Äager will continue to grow and maintain our first place in the world rankings with new agencies that will join us. We are looking for a long-term business partnership that will strengthen both sides. 

We hope to hear from our new business partners soon and get agree with them. We’ll share them also with you from here and on our website.

Sectoral News

NNPC, TotalEnergies, and partners Come Together

Regarding their corporate social responsibility, NNPC, TotalEnergies, and partners have commissioned projects in Osun, Kwara, Imo, Enugu, Anambra, Benue, and Rivers States. The project aims to develop water treatment plants, schools, and hospitals.

New Agreement Between QatarEnergy and ConocoPhillips

QatarEnergy has announced the signing of two long-term LNG sale and purchase agreements with ConocoPhillips. This agreement regards the delivery of up to two million tons per annum (MTPA) (1.8 million tonnes) of LNG from Qatar to Germany.



aager adipec 2022

Äager at ADIPEC 2022

Äager at ADIPEC 2022

This year was different!
The positive energy and interest in the sector had not been seen for a long time.

This year we participated in #ADIPEC2022 with our new products wet packed and bio scrubbers and aluminum storage tank dome roofs besides our current product range and got the chance to meet you all. We would like to thank the organization team again and hope to meet next year again.

Newsletter 38

Äager is Invited by ARAMCO for an Exclusive Technical Exchange Event

Äager is Invited by ARAMCO for an Exclusive Technical Exchange Event

We will participate in an exclusive technical exchange event which is held by #ARAMCO Western Region Distribution Division at #Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The event will provide opportunities for sharing our expertise and showcasing our successes through discussing case studies, best practices, innovation, and state-of-the-art technologies that aid in managing facilities more safely and efficiently in a more environment-friendly manner.

If you like to know more about our presentation and meet our team in Jeddah, please contact us.

Newsletter 39

Äager is now in India!

Äager is now in India!

We continue to growing up worldwide!

As a leading provider of emission & air pollution control equipment, manufacturing and engineering services we decided to participate in the Indian economy locally! Therefore, we’re happy to announce our office opening in #India.
Keeping in mind one of our priorities which is our accessibility, we will be happy to meet all our sector partners soon. Please contact Mr. Amanullah Rahamatulla at

Newsletter 40

New Product Alert: Thermal Fluid Heater

New Product Alert: Thermal Fluid Heater

ERGIL, as an Äager brand, designed and manufactured thermal fluid heaters to satisfy customers’ exact needs. This new useful system requires low maintenance and high efficiency.

With our 40 years of expertise in mechanical equipment and our experienced engineering team, ERGIL is able to handle the most challenging problems according to different needs and projects.

For more information please click.

Sectoral News

EIU released its Energy in 2023 Report

Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has released its Energy in 2023 report which assesses the growth prospects, top risks, and key trends facing the sector next year.

Regarding the report, global energy consumption will grow by just 1.3% in 2023, amid a slowing economy and high energy prices. Waning gas supplies and extreme weather events will force many countries to fall back on fossil fuels, delaying the green energy transition.

 You can reach the full report here

The 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) Started

 At COP27, countries come together to take action toward achieving the world’s collective climate goals as agreed under the Paris Agreement and the Convention. The conference takes place from 6-18 November 2020 in Sharm el-Sheikh, #Egypt.

 You can follow the latest news from COP27 here

Shell Completes Sale of Interest in Philippines Gas Field

 Following consent from the joint venture partners and regulatory approval, Shell Petroleum N.V. has completed the sale of its 100 percent shareholding in Shell Philippines Exploration B.V (SPEX) to Malampaya Energy XP Pte Ltd (MEXP), a subsidiary of Prime Infrastructure Capital Inc.



Newsletter 41

Meet Äager at ADIPEC 2022

Meet Äager at ADIPEC 2022

This year ADIPEC is held in Abu Dhabi between 31 October – 03 November. We are participating in #ADIPEC2022 between October 31 to November 3 in hall 13, stand 13762 at the German Pavilion. We are looking to see all our business partners and are excited about the special product of Storagetech that will introduce at the fair in detail.

Newsletter 42

Special Product for ADIPEC 2022

Special Product for ADIPEC 2022

Our brand Storagetech, introduce its special product “Domeroof”. #Domeroofs are designed for services, innovative solutions, and a wealth of industry experience combined to provide the total package. Click for more information here!

Newsletter 43

Our New Website is Online Now!

Our New Website is Online Now!

Äager’s website awaits you with its new interface. As a result of the new trends and the feedback we received from our customer experiences, we brought our website to a new interface. Visit us from here and tell us your opinions!

Save the Dates for Our Webinars

WEBINAR flame arrestors aager

Webinar Flame Arresters

The first one is about Flame Arresters, on October 6, 2022, at 14.00 GMT 3+ to answer all your questions about EN ISO 16852:2016 ATEX directive requirements, product types, test methods, specifications, and engineering details.

Newsletter 44

Webinar Pipeline Integrity Series 2: Surge Vessels

The second series of “Pipeline Integrity Series 2: Surge Vessels Webinar” will lighten up your questions about ERGIL’s #Surgevessels. Do not miss the webinar on October 19, 2022, at 14:00 GMT3+.

Other News from Äager

Final Inspection

Äager Welcomed the SOCAR Family

We Welcomed #SOCAR in Mersin, Turkey! Our relationship goes back to the 90s with SOCAR Downstream which is one of the biggest oil, gas, and petrochemical company in the region and the biggest foreign investor in Turkey.

Aager Dubai Office

Äager’s Dubai Office is Refurbished!

Our #Dubai Office is Refurbished! The covid pandemic taught us we need a more vibrant, home-like office space where we collaborate and work as a team more effectively rather than spending all day in a cubicle.