Gauge Hatch (With lock)

Gauge Hatch (With lock) 18

Gauge Hatch (With lock)

Model No: 210

Storagetech™’s Model 210 Lockable Gauge Hatch has a locking-screw to prevent inadvertent or unauthorised opening. Operated by foot or knee, it leaves the operator hands-free to dip the tank’s contents for depth, take product samples, and obtain temperature measurements.

Designed as a non-sparking unit the lockable gauge hatch is bolted to a tank roof flange, the hatch offers simple and easy access to the vapour space of bulk storage tanks.

Pressure Vacuum Valve production certificates

Setting Range

Pressure: Weight-loaded up to 15 mbar
Ambient temp: -20°C to +60°C


Standard sizes: 2” to 8” 200mm
Flanges: API Class 150 RF, DIN raised-face
Body: Carbon steel, 316 stainless steel, cast aluminium, cast iron
Paint finish: Powder Coating, Colour RAL 9006, Epoxy Paint, Colour RAL 9006, Customer Specification
ATEX cert: Ex II 1/2 G c IIB

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