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Customer-Oriented Flame Arresters from Storagetech

As an innovative environmental process, emission & air pollution control equipment manufacturing and engineering company Äager provides safe and customer-oriented solutions for fire-fighting equipment with its brand Storagetech. Flame arresters are one of these products that directly protect the products and that can be integrated both inside and at the end of a pipeline.

Flame arresters are basically items that are used to prevent fire or spread the fire into the system by blocking the flame with its specially designed structure. They are one of the best ways to ensure the system’s safety. On the other hand, when the size of the pipeline and the overall system gets enlarged, it is more complicated to design and fabrication a flame arrester. The challenge besides these designs and fabrication is the international certification requirements. These requirements create both dedication for the production stage and also quality inspection to be able to catch the international safety standards. One of Storagetech’s requests for flame arresters from the BanatskiDvor UGS facility which is one of the largest gas storage in Southeastern Europe included custom-made 16” in-line Flame Arresters. This project was unique and challenging for the company because of the connection, working ability under high pressure, and lower temperatures, 1850 kilograms size, supplying of ATEX certificate and other ones for the big size such as 16’’, delivery time, 16’’ 600# connection and so on. Due to the products’ not-plug-and-play nature, understanding customer requirements was also an essential part of the process. The project was confirmed with the condition of a pudge time zone of two hours. These products, especially 16’’ one are not the items you can make produce in any of the manufacturing plants and workshops. Storagetech’s R&D and engineering team completed this project in a period of 16 weeks. This project enables safety and also a long relationship with the customer.

At the end of the day, the energy source which is being carried by the pipeline is used by the people, manufacturers, and houses; that brings a great requirement for the consistency of the system. Any accident there occurs might create serious damage for both equipment and the people. It is understood that any investment to provide the safety of the system is essential. That’s why the stakeholders should know the highly qualified manufacturing companies such as Äager and attain engineering know-how.

About Storagetech
As an Äager brand, Storagetech is a specialist designer and manufacturer with extensive experience, providing advanced emission control and safety equipment for the oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical, and water industries for almost 40 years. Storagetech has established itself on three basic elements: safe, reliable, and sustainable. With this philosophy, the brand product process is designed in-house with experienced engineers. They carry out this production in their large manufacturing facilities. The software experiences of Storagetech’s team include PV Elite, Bentley AutoPipe, PDMS, Bentley Hammer, ANSYS, SAP2000, AMETANK, HTRI Xchanger Suite, SOLIDWORKS, SolidCAM, CAESAR II, STAAD.Pro and AutoCAD. Äager’s innovation aspect is also reflected in Storagetech’s products. Their R&D process is proven with more than 40 certificates, such as ISO 9001, 14001, 1090, 45001, 3834-2, ASME U, 2, R Stamp, EN 3834, AD 2000 HP0, TUV Nord, and CE/ ATEX certificates.

16’’ Flame Arrestor Supply for BanatskiDvor UGS Facility Southeastern Europe16’’ Flame Arrestor for BanatskiDvor UGS Facility
Customer-Oriented Flame Arresters from Storagetech - Tank Storage Magazine Article 18It Was Nice to Meet Again with COPIFE !

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