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Excited to announce the completion of our sustainable water project in Jordan! We’ve established a cutting-edge wastewater system from Ain Ghazal Pre-Treatment Plant to As-Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant, a major step forward in environmental conservation.

Ergil’s innovation facilitated a full solution from design to delivery at the Port of Aqaba, Jordan. Our system features critical components such as the 64”X60” PN 25 horizontal PigLauncher and the 64″x60″ PN 10 horizontal PigReceiver, meeting rigorous European Norm EN 13445 standards for pipeline maintenance and inspection.

Our system ensures longevity and efficiency in the challenging wastewatermanagement environment.

Ergil’s project in Jordan reflects our commitment to sustainability and infrastructure development.

Asad Alhuseen tells more about our products and how we execute it. Enjoy!

Ergil Completes Innovative Wastewater Project in Jordan! 18Promoting Social Connectivity at Ergil!
Ergil Completes Innovative Wastewater Project in Jordan! 19ERGIL | Successful Completion of Cooling Crystallizer Project: Integration of CS and SS Materials!

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