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Introducing Storagatech’s CO2 Absorber, a crucial element for a project with a valued client in Adana, Türkiye

We handled design, testing, material supply, fabrication, inspection, and installation of 12″ and 16″ CO2 Absorbers with PVRV and VRV a top tanks.

Our design complies with API 2000 7th Edition, ensuring reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +60°C at atmospheric pressure. The resulting 4106 kg CO2Absorber reflects our dedication to robust and innovative solutions for a sustainable industrial future.

Storagatech’s Innovative CO2 Absorber 18ERGIL | EPCC Success with Client in Iraq: Oil Pipeline Project Highlights!
Storagatech’s Innovative CO2 Absorber 19ERGIL | Gas Scrubber Systems for Ammonia Production | Purifying Industrial Emissions

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