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scrubber system, or gas scrubber, is a device utilized to eliminate pollutants or contaminants from gas streams. Widely employed in industrial settings, especially in factories and powerplants, to purify exhaust gases before their release into the atmosphere.

Scrubber systems can be designed in different configurations depending on the specific application and the type of pollutants being removed. Some common types of scrubbers include wetscrubbers, dryscrubbers, and bioscrubbers.

Wet scrubbers use liquid to capture pollutants via absorption or chemical reaction, while dry scrubbers employ dry sorbent materials like lime or activated carbon for adsorption.

These systems are vital for mitigating airpollution by removing harmful emissions from industrial processes before release into the environment.

So, Äager GmbH is proud to announce the successful testing of our latest ammonia scrubber, ahead of its delivery to Eti Bakır A.Ş. Ammonia Fertilizer Facilities. This scrubber system significantly reduces ammonia levels, from 5270 PPM to an impressive 270 PPM, while maintaining a steady flow rate of 3385kg/h.

Our scrubbertowers, made of durable FRP material, have a diameter of 2500 mm and stand at a height of 10000 mm. Supported by robust sulfuricacid concentration H2SO4 and neutralization tanks, each with a 5m3 capacity, also constructed of FRP material.

At Äager GmbH, we offer comprehensive turnkey solutions covering engineering, wet scrubber system design, piping, fdanalysis, automation, field assembly processes calculation, manufacturing, and installation.

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