Vent Scrubber

ERGIL's Vent Scrubber is an air pollution control device that removes unwanted pollutants from industrial gas streams. It is used in controlling gaseous emissions, especially acid gases and heat recovery from hot gases by flu-gas condensation.

A two-phase separator that scrubs free liquids from vent gas stream prior to entering the relief and blow-down lines in the flare system. This is used downstream of gas treating equipment and used to handle wide range of flow rates.


Helps prevent liquids from entering the flare stack to help you run safer and cleaner operations
Easy assembly and fast startup with optional skid-mounted system that includes level control and liquid evacuation pump
Engineered lifting lugs for ease of installation and safety
Compact, efficient scrubbing of small gas flows from lab hoods, storage tanks, and small industrial pilot plant equipment
They are economical in their use of water. They can provide a draft as fans can but they are also efficient in particulate and noxious gas removal - unlike fans

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