Dry Scrubber

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Dry Scrubber

By cleaning the gasses and odors, dry Scrubbers have a different working method from wet scrubbers. Dry scrubbers work with a system that lets the pass through the filters instead of “washing” chemicals, and gas is absorbed with this method. The chemical filters should be chosen carefully and all calculations should be made properly to reach high performance and to obtain the desired outcome. The filters might change from process to process due to gas and chemical content.

In some cases, dry scrubbers can be retrofitted into current equipment. The scrubber, which has a higher desulfurization capacity compared to other equipment, has a low purchase cost. It can cool the heated gases and neutralize highly corrosive gases and dust. On the other hand, it can remove gases and particles in a single unit. When properly designed and operated, it can handle highly flammable dust with a very low risk of explosion. Depending on the specific output and applications, it has several customizable features that usually allow a cost reduction.

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