Rubber Lining Pressure Vessels & Storage Tanks

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Rubber Lining Pressure Vessels & Storage Tanks

Rubber lining is a common method of protecting pressure vessels or storage tank internals from highly corrosive chemical and abrasive environments. The rubber sheets that are applied to the metal surface of a vessel or tank, provide excellent resistance against abrasive settings that cause corrosion.

As an Äager brand ERGIL, uses a variety of rubber materials; such as Nitrile, EPDM Neoprene, Viton, Ebonite, Chlorobutyl, Bromobutyl, food grade rubber lining, and Triflex rubber lining, depending on the application. Which lining thickness for Neoprene and Ebonite for example varies between 0.5- 20mm.

ERGIL has an extensive quality control process to ensure finished products are free of defects. QC procedures employed during the coating application process according to DIN EN ISO 14879-4 (DIN28055), include Hardness-, Thickness-, Spark-, Sound-, Peeling Strength- and Holiday Tests. Furthermore, visual inspection for blisters, mechanical damage, adhesion, bonding at seams & transition points, parallelism, and smoothness at flanges is carried out.

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