A Growing Reputation

In 1982, after working for government agencies and private companies, mechanical engineer Kerim Altunergil started a private company manufacturing industrial kitchen equipment. It was all started in a small warehouse in one of the historical places of Istanbul called Vefa. 80's were tough days for Turkish economy, exports products were highly preferred and to find certain products were almost impossible. It took days to bring industrial products from Europe, and United States. Late 80's and 90's brought more hope for many sectors in Turkey. Manufacturing was increasing, and day-by-day export products were leaving their places to MADE IN TURKISH products. This is the idea that strengthens Kerim Altunergil, making the unavailable products that were needed and demanded by Turkish energy industry. One thing leaded another, and at the end ERGIL started to design and produce hundreds of products. Finally, ERGIL became the market leader in producing storage tank equipment, tank construction, and providing corrosion control systems.

ERGIL was born from a firm commitment to provide superior products to oil & gas sector all over the world.

Of course, this is not the end, last 10 years ERGIL evolved its businesses in different fields, such as oil, gas and chemical process equipment such as pressure vessels, pig launchers, heat exchangers, flow metering skids and provers, and blow-down silencers, Moreover, ERGIL spent almost 1.000.000 U.S dollar for research and manufacturing titanium anode for cathodic protection systems, this project was also sported by TUBITAK. Again, ERGIL Group is the first and the only company that produces titanium anode. Our history clearly shows that ERGIL was founded by inventive technical people and superior leadership. The same values power the new ERGIL team, and learned the importance of serving for YOU.

We will keep building, and manufacturing for you…

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