Foam Top Pourer (Foam Chamber)

Foam Top Pourer (Foam Chamber) 18

Foam Top Pourer (Foam Chamber)

Model No: 1200

Model Number 1020 of Storagetech™ Foam Top Pourer Set is designed for storage tanks for fire fighting. It is designed for protecting fixed-roof (cone) and internal floating roof storage tanks. Foam Chamber is designed to introduce expanded foam directly onto the surface of a flammable or combustible liquid for fire extinguishment and/or vapor suppression. It comprises a foam generator, a foam pourer, and a vapor seal (to prevent the escape of product vapors to atmosphere through the foam line) all combined into a single fully integrated unit.

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Product Benefits

  • Easy to install. You do not need a special tool or experience to install the Storagetech top pourer (foam chamber) .
  • Storagetech PVV Model 1020 comes with the paint color you choose.
  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • 25% Lower Operating Pressure.
  • Remote Vapor Leakage Detector Capability.