Fire Extinguishing Systems

  • The best alternative of HALON 1301 series of Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • It is defined in SNAP programme
  • Scentless, colorless and insulative gas
  • Very effective in free of damage protection of all electrical end electronic equipments
  • Designed to be loaded out at once and protects the application area quickly after the appropriate calculations
  • In case of designing to in accordance with the defined clean gas reaction and discharging time periods defined in NFPA, it completes its function (with the required pressure) in 10 seconds.
  • It is stored under low pressure with Nitrogen, which is another affective extinguisher gas, in steel tanks or in cylinders. Besides complete systems. Ergil provides Engineering, Design and spare parts for Fire Extinguishing Systems.
Application Fields
  • Oil, gas, petrochemical facilities and terminals.
  • External floating roof storage tanks.
  • Buildings
  • Power stations
  • Control panels
  • Control rooms
  • IT system rooms, etc.

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