Äager’s mission is to contribute positively to our communities and environments well as to ensure highest level of customer satisfaction through the highest standards of excellence in our products and services, comprehensive environmental regulations and involvement in our communities.

Values and Vision: CEO Quotation “Being a successful player in the industry requires strong values, which set out principles and guidelines to our business. Translating our values into action is formulated by working with enthusiasm, discipline, integrity and high professional standards, keeping our commitments to our communities and meeting the needs of our customers.”

We align our organization and operations around our values:

Integrity and Reliability

Integrity and reliability are the characteristics of our services we offer to our customers, partners and communities. Every action we take is motivated by honesty and openness


As a global citizen Äager operates in responsible manner by combining profitability with social responsibility. In carrying out our business we strive to ensure that our operational performance meets environmental regulations by applying environmental and social principles.

Cultural Diversity

At Äager, we believe in uniqueness, value and talent each our member carries. Having operations all over the world, we value the rich diversity of skills, experiences and ideas. Cultural diversity contributes to our success and prosperity.

Continuous Improvement

We are aware of the constant challenges of our business; therefore we always aim for the highest standards and perfect quality. We are determined to exceed the expectations of our clients with our research and development activities, which outline the philosophy underpinning our work.

Capability Leverage

In order to keep our growth and sustain our long-term success, we make maximum use of our capabilities to deliver the highest level of performance and excellence in our operations.

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