ÄPS (Äager Process Solutions)

ÄPS provides custom made turn-key modular process solution systems for any project requiring reliable fabrication and manufacturing service.

As a single source for plug and play systems, ÄPS reduces your project cost and time drastically, saves your site activities and risk by supplying single or multiple units from a world-class and strategically located manufacturing facility.

A modular process skid is a combination of an equipment that is connected to a frame. It can be a small frame consist of a pump or a complicated high rise system that has multiple mechanical components; such as pressure vessels, boilers, heat exchangers, storage tanks, pumps, compressors, steel structures and interconnecting pipelines as well as electrical.

Manufacturing, and building a system on the site is very costly, slow and not safe compare to the well-managed fabrication shop. Investors and contractors are looking for ways to reduce the cost, risks and construction time, thus building industrial facilities with modular skids has become more and more popular in the 3.0 stage industrial world.

ÄPS offers the design, engineering and fabrication of modular skid process packages as per ASME, EN, and GOST taking into consideration of other supporting standards; such as NFPA, TEMA, NACE, etc. 

ÄPS can fabricate a single module up to:

60+ ton weight,  40+ meter length and 20-meter height. 

In addition to mechanical fabrication, ÄPS can install electrical cabling, lighting, lighting, earthing, instrumentation, rotary equipment, and control panels for OIL, GAS & PETROCHEMICAL  - CHEMICAL - POWER PLANTS - MARINE  - WATER - WASTEWATER  - FERTILIZER - GEOTHERMAL - BIOGAS - NUCLEAR - MINING - PHARMACEUTICAL - FOOD & BEVERAGE - PULP & PAPER industries.

ÄPS offers wide range of Process Solutions:

  • Oil, gas & air separators
  • Heat exchangers
  • Surge vessels
  • Knock out drums (KO Drums)
  • Suction scrubber / packed bed / venturi scrubber
  • Reactors
  • Cryogenic tanks / vessels
  • Filtration & Coalescer vessels
  • Activated carbon filters
  • Process drums & columns
  • Mixer vessels
  • Air receivers
  • Evaporators and dryers
  • Water treatment vessels
  • CO2 Absorber vessels
  • Dehydrator vessels and more

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