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May 30, 2013- Dubai, UAE – Äager, a worldwide leader in engineering, construction and manufacturing for oil, gas, water, chemical and petrochemical industries is proud to announce that Äager has successfully attained ASME approval, which certifies its capability to manufacture, repair and modify products according to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) ‘U’, ‘S’ and National Board ‘R’ standards after having its facilities, processes and quality system inspected on site in Mersin, Turkey by authorized ASME inspectors.

The ‘U’ stamp is for manufacture of pressure vessels, the National Board ‘R’ stamp is for the repair and/or alteration of boilers, pressure vessels, and other pressure-retaining items, and the ‘S’ stamp covers the power boilers under the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. ASME inspections ensure that Äager follows rigid regulations including quality control systems, procurement, design, manufacturing processes, investments, and personnel know-how in accordance with the ASME code.

Oktay Altunergil, CEO of Äager comments: “Achieving the prestigious ASME certification proves again Äager ’s ambition for world class quality in our operations and services. I would like to congratulate the Äager staff on their commitment and hard work.” And continues: “Earning the ASME and National Board certificates means Äager has proven that all of its procedures from the time an order is placed until shipment are certified by authorized independent third party inspection for compliance with the applicable ASME and National Board standards. With this success Äager has reached yet another milestone in performing its industrial leadership function while gaining great competitive advantage in the domestic and international markets and joined the rank of a select few companies at this level.”

ASME is an American organization that creates and maintains the standards by which pressure vessels, tanks and piping manufacturing is realized worldwide. The standards detail the welding procedures, design requirements, quality control and acceptance criteria for said products used in the oil and gas industry. These standards are required by law in some countries including the USA and are sought after by clients in the rest of the world as proof of quality and safe operation. www.asme.org

National Board, another American organization, is tasked with standardizing and certifying companies for the repair and modification of ASME certified products. ASME and National Board require not only proper material selection, a suitable and safe design, and a highly specialized manufacturing, repairs and modifications process but also the complete application of a comprehensive quality system from the moment a client orders a product until delivery. www.nationalboard.org

ergil aagerÄager Storagetech™ to provide storage tank safety for Essar Group’s Jurong Aromatics Corporation Project in Singapore
ergil aagerÄager to provide PIG handling system for Kazstroyservice’s Kazakhstan-China gas pipeline project, a part of central Asia-China gas pipeline

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