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Ergil is announce the successful execution a project for our valued client, at the Corn Starch Factory in Turkoglu, Kahramanmaras.

First of all, scrubber systems are crucial for controlling #airpollution in industrial settings by eliminating or neutralizing harmful pollutants like #sulfurdioxide. They enable compliance with environmental regulations, preventing fines for exceeding #emissionstandards. Beyond regulatory benefits, scrubbers create a safer workplace environment, protecting the health of individuals near industrial facilities.

In this comprehensive project, Ergil took charge of the entire process — from design and material supply to fabrication, inspection, testing, packing, and on-site erection for a state-of-the-art #ScrubberSystem.

Key Technical Details:
Design Pressure: 1 Barg
Design Temperature: 80 °C

The Scrubber System is not only a technological feat but also a positive step towards a cleaner, #greenerfuture. By efficiently removing #pollutants, Ergil is actively contributing to environmental health and safety.

A special acknowledgment goes to our esteemed client, for choosing Ergil as the partner for this significant venture. This collaboration underscores our joint commitment to environmental #sustainability and industrial efficiency. #oilandgas

Ergil's Success: Advanced Scrubber System Project Completion 19Storagatech’s Breakthrough CO2 Absorber Success
Ergil's Success: Advanced Scrubber System Project Completion 20Storagetech's CO2 Absorber: A Component in Demin Water Supply System Improvement

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